We have asynchronous communication. I think we span 9 time zones among the six of us. This means sometimes something you plan to write will be trumped by someone else writing first. This happens. Decide in that instance if it makes sense to go back and fill in; we’re all smart folks and can read things in the proper time order, even if that’s not the order the messages are received.

The group, “deathless-d” is for out-of-character discussion (hence the “d”). This is where you announce away time, where you make the smart-ass remarks, ask mechanics questions, talk about things your characters couldn’t be talking about, and so forth. The group, “deathless-ic” is for in-character.

When posting OOC comments in the IC group (which sometimes makes sense), please use [brackets] to make it clear. If you can move all that to the bottom of the post without harming interpretability, so much the better.

PLEASE TRIM POSTS. We do not want 10 screens of quotes for a one-line answer.

Interleaved posting is strongly preferred. I.e.,

> John asks a question.

Jane answers it.

> John ends the discussion.

Jane flips him off as he walks out the door.

Oh, yes—third-person present tense, please.

If you have something you’d rather other players not know, or only certain other characters should know, please use private e-mail addresses. If you split into subgroups for an extended period, I’ll make more groups.

Please do not change subject lines in the IC group—leave that to me.

I believe that RP has the potential to be richer in a pbp/pbem context than face-to-face. You have time to compose and edit your replies, and you don’t have to worry about trying to remember that the 280-pound bearded guy next to you is playing a 5’1” female elf.

On the other side, the main drawback is that the game in general, but especially combat, is really slow. I generally will move things forward on behalf of a player if the player has not posted for 24 hours beyond their cue, whether in or out of combat. I’m usually a little more slack on weekends, but won’t promise that. In combat, I will generally play the character conservatively and not use encounter or daily powers on behalf of a character unless specifically authorized to do so. If you know you’re going to be away, send me a message with tactical choices if you can. This is part of why it’s so important that I have an up-to-date copy of your character sheet (when they’re finished).

I’ll go over combat practices in more detail when it comes up.

Because the game is so slow, I tend to be relatively generous with xp, so that you can level at least every once in a while. Because one of the fun things about D&D is getting cool new powers.

Dice-rolling—use whatever method you like: physical dice, electronic rollers, random number functions, drawing numbers from a hat. Just post in terms of “Athletics—1d20+7 = 15.”


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