That night's rest.

Elohir tossed and turned in his hammock, sweat soaking through his tattered clothes. Before his closed eyes flashed images of the howling void that had haunted him for the last 3 years. In the middle of that void was a single purple star, calling out for him; whispering his name in a language he knew yet did not know. The very words tore at his mind and he tried to put his hands to his ears but it was no use. The voice was inside him, suffusing him with its alien song.

Nearer and nearer it drew him, traveling breathlessly through the darkness, the pin-point of purple light his only beacon, his only reason for existing. It was his god, his love, his life. A thousand, a million, an impossible number of strange tentacled hands reached for him and he accepted their embrace. He looked lovingly at the still distant star, comforted in its warm gaze. It shone brighter for a moment, a sign of acceptance, an acknowledgment of its love for him. And then It blinked and a single word blazed like white fire through his mind, “Caiphon.”

A gentle hand jostled Elohir awake and he looked curiously at the person with the concerned look on her face. Only then did he realize that he was still screaming.

Signing Bonus

200gp each

Starting XP

Started with 7500xp each.


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